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  1. Ftype V8 S track tires and wheels

    Jaguar F-Type Wheels, Tires, and Suspension
    I have test fit 19's on my R. The clearance is just barely there. 18's are a no go if you have the big brakes.
  2. Tesla Roadster vs Jaguar F Type?

    Jaguar F-Type General Discussion
    I can afford both and chose the F-Type R. I like my F-Type R better than my Ferrari F430 that is saying a lot.
  3. Bluetooth streaming

    Jaguar F-Type Engine and Technical
    Delete the pairing from the phone and the car and do the pairing process again. That should do it.
  4. F-Type interior a disappointment?

    Jaguar F-Type Interior
    The interior of the F-Type is actually quite nice in my opinion. Very nice leather, the steering wheel looks and feels great, very up class. As a comparison point with a similarly priced vehicle look at the Porsche line up. To get a Porsche optioned out in leather the way the F-Type is costs $$$...
  5. Surprise at my dealer :)

    Jaguar F-Type General Discussion
    Black wheels look better IMHO.
  6. Dynamic Mode + "S"

    Jaguar F-Type Engine and Technical
    Sport mode is supposed to keep you in a high rev band vs. normal auto mode. It is supposed to shift you down to a low gear for extra oomph. I believe it also looks at how much pedal you have depressed to determine where to shift. When in S mode, if you paddle shift then it will not go back to...
  7. Paint Chip Issue

    Jaguar F-Type Exterior
    I have a Salsa Red R that is just 5 days old, first day out I got two very small paint chips on the front of the hood. The paint looks like it chips very easily. It also looks like a very thin layer of paint on these cars.
  8. Welcome

    Excited to join the ranks of F-type owners! What did you all own before the F-Type? I had a 2011 Porsche Boxster Spyder and now have the F-Type R.
  9. Break-In-Period

    Jaguar F-Type Engine and Technical
    Break-in periods are wildly debated online and offline. I do not buy in to them. My opinion ( and that is all it is ) is to warm up the car properly and drive easily until all fluids get warmed up ( this is ANY time you drive the car ). For the first few outings vary the rev range frequently to...