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1/2 mile drag race results

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Ran my 2014 F type V8S at WannaGoFast at Jumbolaire, Ocala, Florida last weekend. (Runway for Jumbos which is opened for 1/2 mile drag races).
So some data from my 14 runs from zero to approx 160mph: 8 runs I clocked 143 mph at the 1/2 mile trap, 3 runs clocked 144 mph and the remaining 3 runs I lifted of too soon, or too much wheelspin at start.
What was remarkable to me was that doing 14 zero to 150 mph runs within the space of about 3 hrs and at ambient temps of around 85F the engine temp was rock solid. Didn't budge. Also, I didn't allow a cool down between repeat runs, other than 1 hr for lunch.
Some very fast cars there, Mclarens, Demons, 91 turbos, Hellcats, nitrous etc. I think that the top speed at 1/2 mile was about 211mph?
Anyway, the Jag acquitted itself very well and much better than I had anticipated.

Just some data that I though might be of interest.
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