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F type V8 S chasing New Cayman S! Cayman is being driven by PCA Driving Instructor. He refused to wave me by, so I pushed and pushed as the pace got faster he looses it and runs off. After I get by he tries to keep up and goes off again. The Ftype is a true competitor and I intend to show it. I also chased a gt3 and ill post that as well.

I am a proud Jaguar Dealer and need to see more of you guys at the track showing Porsche that we mean business.

The Cayman S driver said, I thought the Cayman was supposed to be faster? I said it may be in the hands of Randy Pobst (not, but i didnt want to argue) but how fast can you drive it today is what's important!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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