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2017 F-type Headlight fine cracks

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Can the fine stress cracks be repaired? I have the adaptive headlights. I replaced mine at 14.5K miles and have the old ones. I am sure their must be some way to restore and sell these. You can see the fine cracks but just barley. No water getting inside. It is just cosmetic. I an send pictures by text but would like to sell the pair for $1k. They work. I just wanted mine to be perfect. That is why I replaced. No one noticed until I pointed them out. Thanks
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Presumably you are refering to the "plastic" lens covers.
You may be able to get them "polished" to eliminate what I would think are simply surface markings.
Detailers and paint corrections shops do that all the time.
Much less expensive than replacing, and at least worth a try.
Your other option, whether you replace or not, is to have them "wrapped" with Expel or similar plastic film.
That would protect them from road rash and from UV ( I think).
Thanks Chris.
Yes these are an excellent opportunity for someone as I have them listed on ebay for $1200.
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