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My mum ordered a 2018 f type svr in November and took delivery 2/22/18. It went back to the dealer on 2/26 and has been there since. It is leaking oil and they have tried replacing the crankshaft seal so far but that didn't fix it. Then they tried replacing something to do with the oil cooler (per my dad....I'm away in Asia for a business lack that exact detail). They claim they will return the car to her Monday. But they have claimed to be returning it a couple of times and not done so. They are working on another fix by replacing something else I am not aware of as I'm not there until Monday.

Does anyone know what is causing the oil leak on this model from the crankshaft seal?

I fear we may be heading toward a lemon law case. So far Jaguar NA has not been in contact with us directly but I will be contacting them Monday to notify them of our intent to do this in order to get a replacement/refund. I believe under our NC law they had 15 days to correct it from our notification and then they have 20 days in a 12 month period to attempt to fix it. They have had it 13/14 days now.

Any advise is welcome. Thank you
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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