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Long-needled pines tower above us, flanking the road on both sides. Straight as laser beams, these coniferous giants stab at the heavens, though an ominous January fog seems to parry their skyward thrusts. Our Borasco Grey Jaguar E-Pace could have completely disappeared in this misty veil, its ashen paint a perfect match for the airborne precipitation.

Fortunately, at ground level this vapor was intermittent, never gaining adequate strength to seriously hamper visibility, a blessing given the thoroughfare my drive partner and I were navigating.

The roads around and through Parc Naturel Régional De Corse, a sprawling nature park on Corsica, are improbably twisty, constructed to trace this French Mediterranean island’s craggy topography. Achingly beautiful, it was by no means the only strip of breathtaking asphalt we sampled; the entire drive was a constant left-right battle; evidently, the inhabitants have no concept of what a straight line is and that’s just fine with me.
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