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Hey, so I’m a new Jaguar owner. I bought a 2019 Jaguar F-Type V6 model, 2nd owner. After a week of having it I’m starting to have issues after the car sitting idle for more than 10hrs where when I go to start the car. It doesn’t engage. The screen turns on and middle of the steering column I’m greeted with an influx of fault/ error messages and it won’t engage. So I have to do this odd thing. Where I turn on the car without starting it release the brake and then after 10 seconds hitting the start button to get it started. But I still show errors and the Engine light stays on. So I turn off the car and start it up again and everything clears. My car has been at the dealership for a few days and they tell me none of the modules are reporting anything. Even they’re baffled by this whole situation. They replaced the battery and this issue still hasn’t been resolved. I believe it’s a brake issue now. Because when I do the first start. The brake requires a lot of pressure to push it in and brake fault is the first message I receive when trying to start it up. Anyone else run into something similar or can someone help me out to what might be causing this please.
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