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2800 hundred miles

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Have owned this car since June of 2013 and it has been a blast. The handling is adequate for my purpose, power more so and love the sound of the V6S. Last weekend while in SC even had top down in winter. Seat heater and heated steering wheel oh so nice. Still have strangers come up to see what it is. The ride is superb and evening getting out of it or in it for that matter is not difficult. The six hour plus trip last weekend was not tiring in the least for my old bones. The interior is laid out well nothing there to difficult to find or use and the cockpit is very roomy compared to my old SLK. British cars have come a long way since my TR-6 which I still have by the way. When the rag top is up very quiet in the cabin and this was surprising. Thanks Jag for a happy customer and to Jason at Flow Jaguar of WinstonSalem NC. Great dealer and even better person to work with. We also own a Jaguar XJ L and a RRSport all great vehicles.
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