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450 or 575?

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hi - i am considering purchasing a new F-type and wondering what folks think about the Type R or the standard P450? Does the engine/exhaust sound the same with the two or does the R have a little more roar? And what in the engine creates the extra 100 HP?
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I recently got a P450 convertible, coming from a BMW Z4 M40i. I can give you several thoughts, if it would be helpful....

The P450 is a very enjoyable car to drive, though there are a few issues....

1) The exhaust note, even with the valve set to open and even in Dynamic mode, is very tame until you get over 3,500 RPM's, which doesn't happen often in city driving.

2) The infortainment interface is mainly touch screen (on the BMW, you could control via a knob or touch screen). The touch screen is more distracting than being able to navigate with a knob when you're driving.

3) There are several features that the BMW had that I miss on the Jaguar. Among them, wireless phone charging, wireless Apple Car Play integration, being able to open/close the top remotely via the key fob, Amazon Echo voice integration, Adaptive Cruse control, Homelink isn't standard, there's no control of ambient lighting unless you buy the R version for an extra $35,000 and if you open the truck from inside and then lock the car, the alarm goes off when you raise the trunk lid.

4) There are some things about the Jaguar interior that boggle my mind. Let's start with the fact that there isn't one, but TWO "cigarette lighter" power outlets. Who uses these things??? Is it 1992??? The center console storage space is nearly nil---I can't even fit my iPhone in it when it's plugged into the USB port.

5) I think the thing that is most annoying is that it's exactly the same car as the R version except for 3 things---- in the P450, they DE-tune the engine and it gives you 131 less horsepower than the R version. They're not giving you a better engine in the R---they're simply giving you LESS of it in the P450. It actually costs Jaguar nearly NOTHING more to make the R version compared to the P450 (except for the cost of AWD which is standard on the R version and which you probably need with its 575 HP) but they charge you an extra $35,000 to get the full power of the SAME engine. And, as mentioned, you can only get interior ambient lighting on the R version. So, is it really worth $35,000 for a car with the identical engine, AWD instead of RWD and ambient lighting? Because that's all you get...

That said, it's a beautiful car (mine is British Racing Green) and it's a Jaguar and I enjoy driving it. But for the cost, there are many convenience features it really lacks compared to the BMW. It's also a tick slower than the BMW, which had less horsepower in it's V6 but had twin turbos whereas the F-Type has a supercharged V8.
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