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5 Years later and finally pulled the Trigger

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Soooo.. was poking around here a bit a few years back, thought I bought one then it fell through... ended up buying a MB E400 was fun for awhile sold it and made a profit after 2 years because the car market went nuts... incidentally watched that dealer who paid me 10k more for the car than I paid, list it for 10k over that, in the Fall in NE PA and I watched them drop the price every 2 weeks for 3 months... I almost bought it back but kinda forgot about it and then they auctioned... So spring rolls around and I had been chasing 2016/17 S Verts, came within a $1,000 with a 20k mileage one in Oklahoma... British Design Package as well but then that fell through, pretty sure it went to Texas so if your on here , Congrats. Then found a Premium 2017 with 14k on the clock at a dealer, Treasure Coast Jag in Florida, I swore I'd never deal with a Florida dealer again but I got the majority of the questions answered and felt comfortable. The price seemed right enough that I figured I could bring it back home and possibly continue the hunt and trade it in. I was mostly concerned that it sat parked and baking in the Florida sun, it had been garaged kept and again, only 14k on the clock. So a deal in principle, booked a flight and a 1 way car rental, pulled up to it outside the dealer and as soon as I got close up I started seeing problems. 10 inch touch up paint line above the rear driver tail light, paint runs on bottom of that area, front air dam looked like it had multiple hard parking block strikes, driver door out of alignment on the bottom... but the interior was gorgeous and looked like new. I shook the salesman's hand, not my first thought and said I needed to get back to the airport. He though I was kidding and didn't I want to talk to his manager and see if we could work something out.. I told him my head was saying 'well you here' and you came a long way but my gut said 'go home', my gut is almost never wrong. Sooooo... I get back home and tell wifey, who is torn between amused and annoyed at my multi year obsession at this point and said well if I learned one thing, I have to set a limit of a 500 mile search which would also likely mean be willing to spend more money. Also, after more research I changed my query to pretty much 2018/2019 R-Dynamic AWD, the most I was going to be able to afford. The updates seemed worth the extra money. Surprisingly that first search found almost everything I ever wanted was located just outside DC in Virginia, non Jag dealer. I really wanted white with tan top and gut, this is white, black on black and 8k on the clock and still under factory warranty. I gathered a buddy who also likes wild goose chases and off we went. It also had almost every conceivable option and package short of ceramic breaks, non of which listed in the sales add but I kinda had a hunch because I was pretty familiar with the visual clues on the photos that they may not have exactly spec'd it out right. Pulled up looked perfect had them put up on the lift and I am not even sure this ever saw rain... all the non painted metal underneath looked show room new, no oxidation any were. She now resides in my garage and I feel I have spent more time on this intro then the 200 mile ride back home, which was... well worth every penny and lost minute on the previous hunts. Looing forward to the info and resources on here, Forums like this are invaluable.
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Here she is, embarrassingly I've not even cleaned her up from the trip from Virginia but I'll get to it this weekend... we took a quick putt up to Penn's Peak above Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania. She's a little devil in wolf's cloak... I cant imagine you that are running the V8 or your tire (tyre) costs...
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