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Managed to squeeze 1000 miles of day-to-day driving into my V8S, and overall, am very pleased.
The engine is quite strong.
Ride and handling very fluid.
Transmission is great in auto mode, especially in dynamic/sport mode. (Holds 3rd or 4th gear in all situations except highway cruising).
Looks great.
Feels good (special) to drive.
Two Complaints:
1)It is objectionably loud. This is a major deterrent to driving the car at anything more than a very sedate pace in civilization, because it causes way too much disruption to other cars, or houses near the car. By virtue of the low frequencies on the sound, it carries a very long way. I will be looking for an aftermarket exhaust to make it quieter!! (Never thought I would say such a thing!!).
2) In manual shift mode, in dynamic/sport setting, if you floor the accelerator (past the kick-down detent) the paddle up-shift does not work, and the car does NOT shift. It also does not shift automatically when it hits the RPM limiter, so the car is stuck in gear and bumping the RPM limiter. (Paddles work fine so long as the accelerator is not depressed past the kick-down detent). Seems like a software mistake on the part of Jaguar. I can’t think of a single reason why this should be programmed this way. (Note that mine is the second V8 I have driven, and both had the same problem.)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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