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Blade wheels

When I bought my F Type I didn't want to wait to order one,and the one at the dealer was just about everything I wanted except it has the Cyclone 20 wheels ( it is a v8 s ) The Blade wheels were a $2500 option on my car ,so I figured I could get a set from parts dept. after all how bad could it be ?
Turns out they are EIGHT (8) GRAND for a set. They are nice wheels but not eight grand !
SOOOOO Make sure to order with the Blade wheels . ( even if you don't want them,you can sell or trade to me....LOL ) Meanwhile I'm considering my wheel options.
Hi there, I have a set of blade wheels for sale, I also have the new style rotary wheels with carbon fibre accents in them answer, these are not yet available, if you wish to send me your email address I could forward you some photographs if you are still interested, cheer
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