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Bosch System IAM/CD Player Access - Limcet Carplay Install

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Hi all,

I am trying to complete a carplay install in my MY2017 Convertible currently and the kit that I purchased requires access to both the touchscreen head unit in the dash, and also the IAM (Integrated Audio Module) which is located behind the center console lid/under the storage compartment between the seats. While this is much more involved than the UAD carplay module, I believe it will result in a more seamless integration with the car (steering wheel controls, no aux cable in center console, etc.)

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Does anyone have experience with accessing the connectors on the back of the IAM? I would prefer to not completely remove the center console nor the seat(s) if possible but I'm having trouble understanding the service manual pdf.

Thanks for any help or suggestions anyone can provide!

I will attach relevant screenshots from the service manual:
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Thanks again.
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