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I just finished my first 1000 Km in the Jaguar F-type V6 S! It was mostly long distances travelled at a time, going through the gears at low RPM, having some few accelerations but never full acceleration runs, and a decent time of cruise control where I had to.
I want to know what is the real importance to this break in period?
Any of you guys have done it?
Is 1000 Km enough?
Does accelerating a bit from time to time in this period have a bad effect on the engine?
As well as the cruise control at the highways monitored by radars?
I just feel that they are making a big deal about it but i just want to be on the safe side.
Cheers all!

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Running-in period

The following guide-lines will be useful in obtaining optimum performance from your new Jaguar. Jaguars are built using high-precision manufacturing methods but the moving parts of the engine must still bed in relative to one another. This process occurs mainly in the first 3,000 km (2,000 miles) of operation.

During this Running-in period of 3,000 km
(2,000 miles) you should:
• Avoid frequent cold starts followed by
short-distance driving.
• Preferably take longer trips.
• Do not use full throttle during starts and
normal driving.
• Avoid continuous operation at high engine
speed and abrupt stops.
• Do not participate in track days, sports
driving schools or similar.
In addition specifically up to 2,000 km (1,200
• Drive at varying engine and road speeds,
but do not exceed an engine speed of 4500
rpm (revolutions per minute) and a road
speed of 170 km/h (105 mph).

From 2,000 km (1,200 miles) to 3,000 km (2,000 miles):
• Engine and road speeds can be increased
• Engine speeds in excess of 5000rpm
should only be used briefly e.g. when
At all times, not just during the Running-in
• Do not exceed 4,000 rpm until the engine
has reached full operating temperature.
• Avoid labouring the engine by operating
the engine in too high a gear at low speeds.

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Very useful information. Thanks a lot, i will try my best to abide by them to keep my engine at its optimum performance. The only downside in these points for me is that I have to drive at a constant speed for about 15 minutes on cruise control at 120 km/h for speed limit. I hope this wouldn't have an effect on the engine overall...

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Break-in periods are wildly debated online and offline. I do not buy in to them.
My opinion ( and that is all it is ) is to warm up the car properly and drive easily until all fluids get warmed up ( this is ANY time you drive the car ). For the first few outings vary the rev range frequently to allow for parts to bed in and lubricate, then drive her like you stole her! 1000 miles? Pishposh, I had mine on the track less than 24 hours after purchase.
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