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Changing out Power Vent types

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My 2014 F Type V8 S came with black hood vents, black hoops and black wheels but somehow they put chrome power vents on it. I bought (very expensive for essentially plastic) shiny black versions to replace the chrome and went to the dealer to have them installed (not wanting to risk dinging a brand new car). The dealer said it would be no problem to put them on yourself but good luck salvaging the old ones as they always break on removal. So, I did it myself and thought I would describe the process here. It is not for the feint of heart. I used two nylon body panel short pry bars and my son-in law. You need to pry the bottom out slightly from the middle. It will pop as the clips release. Then you need to pry the top out a little. Be sure to use tape on the adjacent painted body panels to avoid scratches. Once you have it out the try to pry one of the two ends loose. It takes a lot of power. Once one end is loose you can work the part until the other end clip breaks off. (yes we could never get that clip to release on its own) The part is now free and you can use pliers to remove any of the broken clips still stuck in the body panel holes. The new part then just snaps directly into the place from which the old ones came. Took less than an hour to do two. The removed chrome vents still look good from the outside but are toast on the inside due to broken clips. i.e. they are throwaway!
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I just replaced the black side vents on my F type with chrome ones.
It took me all of 5 minutes. Just levered the old ones out from the top and popped the new ones in no problems
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