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Hello to all,

My name is Steve, i live outside Toronto, Canada. I've loved the F Type for quite a while (had an R for a weekend 6ish years ago). I've been looking at used Rs, thinking a 2017 is going to suite me best. I came across an R at a non-Jag dealer. Local car, traded for a Jeep Gladiator! 2019, 8,000Kms, factory warranty to May 2022, $10K less then comparables elsewhere. Hmm, seems too good to be true. Called dealer today. Long story short - the R was involved in a minor collision on the dealer lot, post-trade in. GrrrrR. I hate cars with stories. I continued the conversation to find out extent of damage. See attached pic . So wished the abrasion hadn't gotten up into the aluminum. I feel that they've priced in the "story". NOTE: I have not seen the car yet. Obviously if the work isn't 100% perfect there's no deal. BYW I have a detailed repair invoice (costs redacted) but other details visible. I learned the entire rear facia was painted. Some of the left rear quarter obviously was too. Not sure how far they would have covered to get the blend.

My hope would be to drive the car for 3 or 4 years. I know i will face questions when i sell/trade at that time. Have to assume they will discount their offers i.e. what i gain on the front end, I give up at the back end. I would love to hear the perspective of fellow F lovers. Is it just dumb to consider a repair car or is it a savvy move because of superficial damage? Part of me says, I should know better to even consider it. I appreciate any and all thoughts you care to share. Steve
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