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Exhaust Valve Button Swap

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So one of the biggest things I want in my jag is the exhaust valve button. However I dont have an infinite budget (30k tops tho lower would be preferred) and I noticed it’s as 50/50 on whether or not the valance button is included in the spec. I was wondering if there is a way to simply take apart the center council and add the button in form a salvage vie hole or after market part. Is it?
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I dont understand this question. Are you talking about the dynamic vs. Standard switch?
So on some models of f type, in the center council there is the option to open or close the exhaust valves next to the traction control button. on certain s and base models there is no button to open said valves, is just a larger traction control button instead. Now I assume it's almost the same assembly that can be swapped out. However I'm not 100% sure hence why I'm asking.
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