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I need to decide which car to buy, both are quite the same price, actually I have found 2 cars with the same mileage , each one costs 20.000 EURO. The difference between them is the year (2012 Porsche Cayenne and 2016 F-Pace) and the tremendous extra futures that Cayenne has (air suspension with multiple settings, ventilated seats front and back, panorama, heated seats both front and back, heated steering wheel, WEBASTO with remote). Also the initial price of the Porsche was 120.0000 EURO , while the Jaguar I think it was max 60.000 EURO , the Jaguar F-Pace have as extras leather interior and heated sets. One downside of the Porsche is the local yearly tax which is 400 EURO for 3.0L Diesel engine. The F-Pace has 2.0 Diesel engine ( 30 EURO yearly tax).

What car should I buy ? The exterior of the F-Pace is clearly more modern but the interior seems more elegant on Cayenne and the extra features costed a fortune. Both cars are very well maintained. Its simply incredible how much money is lost with the Cayenne , 100.000 EURO in 8 years !
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