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F-Type AWD on the way?

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"I can't think of any model that wouldn't benefit from not having the option of it," said Hallmark at the launch of the XF and XJ 3.0 V6 all-wheel drive models, Jaguar's first.
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I wouldn't be counting my chickens...

Mike Cross doesn't like 4wd in a sportscar - nor does Ian Callum.

Both strongly prefer a pure front engined rear-drive layout as it's the truest expression of Jaguar's sporting heritage of which the F-Type is meant to be the torch-bearer.

If we recall the CX-16 from which the F-Type is almost completely derived - it sported a hybrid drivetrain which we are yet to see in production (they keep teasing it but say it still 'requires a whole heap of development before being production-ready'). If F-Type is ever to be 4wd - given the re-engineering required for transfer-cases, forward prop-shafts, front diffs, and to the steering - I'd say achieving it by sending direct engine torque to the front wheels wouldn't justify the tiny increase in sales this would generate. Expect the hybrid's electric motors to power the front wheels if they ever do appear - and this being the only kind of '4wd' you can expect from this design.

As an aside - the CX-16's electric motor merely assisted the engine in driving the rear wheels when you pressed a 'push to pass' button (like KERS in F1). Sadly even the concept car didn't toy with 4wd as a possibility.

That's my 2c worth anyway!

Sydney Australia
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