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TangoWhisky said:
A little discussed topic is the size of the boot / trunk on the F-Type convertible. I'm sure the coupe will have a lot larger storage space.

Attached is a photo I took at the Los Angeles Auto Show (not the best angle) with the boot / trunk lid open. As you can see with the roof down it will probably not fit much. For those long trips you better fill it with lots of cash to buy new clothes / undergarments every few days.

Obviously this is not meant to be someone's only car.

I think the limited size of the rear overhang - integral to the car's exquisite and unique rump - drastically limited the space available for carrying 'stuff' in the trunk/boot.

Fuel tank, battery, and god knows what else is stuffed in there - but I would agree with you - when I saw the powder-blue V6 prototype at the Sydney Motorshow - I nearly died when I saw the size of the trunk/boot.

A Lamborghini Gallardo has one 3 times larger!!

This is a car you actually can't take anything more than an attache case with you.

So I'd better tell the girlfriend to pack less underwear for our first trip away in the F-Type!

Damn shame...

Sydney Australia
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