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F-type navigator's map blacked out

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I have just tuned my F-type with the Velocity group. The car is now a beast! Problem is that since this mod the map in the navigator disappeared (see pic). Before the mod, I was able to visualize the map. Somehow the instructions are there (the navigator says things like "like turn left", "right" etc), so the navigator knows where it is, but the map does not appear.
The tuner told me that their mod device can only communicate with my engine module. Their device would not be able to communicate with the navigation module nor change any of its settings. I believe him, but I still have this problem and I was wondering if anyone of you have ever had similar problems. Another solution I had in mind, if nothing works, is to buy the updated maps at Jaguar ( It is a system to update the map via USB. I imagine the USB map update should not interfere with the engine ecu mod, right? But it is overpriced
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