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I bet a lot of F-Type drivers have heard the noise of the curb or the street rubbing the front on your car. I have some good news where the sound is worse then the results of the cement. The folks at Jaguar knew this was going to happen with a vehicle with such a low ground clearance. The design of the Front Air Deflector is for easy removal-replacement and anyone can do it. The price of this deflector is also very fair at $43.78 US. I purchased one today and we are lucky that our dealer here in Naples, Florida already keeps them in stock. I am sure that I will need to replace the original one "down the road" some day. May I recommend that all F-Type drives pick up this Front Air Deflector as a spare for no matter how careful you are, it will get a hard rub. Part number is T2R4160. At this point I would have attached a picture on how this item is connected, however the change in this site no longer permits this feature. Look under your front end and take a look on how this item is connected for future reference......Pascha
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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