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Front End Spoiler

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I have a 2014 V8S and I seem to have a bad relationship with concrete parking bumpers. The three section black plastic/resin spoiler seems to be lower than the top of the bumpers and as a result I am now replacing my third center section of the spoiler. Does anyone know if you can adjust the sensitivity of the front bumper sensor to warn of a pending collision with the concrete bumper and the low riding front spoiler? Thanks
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I just had mine removed and don’t run with them anymore. They’re purely aesthetic (per a Jag tech). No my front doesn’t scrape when I back out of my driveway
Thanks for your response and i too have considered just removing the spoiler as that would resolve the issue.
I took off that spoiler shortly after buying my 2016 used. Kept scraping on everything! Simple to remove it - it's just held on by a few screws. And it was really chewed up!
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Thanks for the input luv it! Yes, it certainly does scrape on everything and I’ve replaced it 3 times as a result. I am reluctant to remove it as it does serve as the first line of defense against worse damage to the bumper. Thanks again.
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