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Getting car = gas recession

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I finally found the one that fits all my criteria and BOOM...everyone's losing their minds over gas and stations are out. WTF? My timing is impeccable.

I'm super stoked to find my future 2017 f-type R coupe in BRG and camel/jet duetone interior. I've been eyeballing for one like this in my price range for a while and just found her. Deposit has been placed and flight has been bought! Next Thur I'll fly in Pensacola to drive right under 1,000 miles back home to the Midwest. I was soooo excited to do this but now slightly nervous with my friends reporting no gas in their area over here and over yonder. I can't tell if I'm crazy, determined or both!

I'm looking forward in being an active member in this group and pray for me to find gas all the way back home!
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