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Google Fi data SIM stopped working after 4 years!

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I took delivery of my F-Type in Sept 2018. After the 3 months of free data service from ATT I switched to a data SIM from Google Fi. It's been working flawlessly at 4G speeds for almost 4 years. Suddenly it's not working at all. Sometimes it says it has a signal but only 3G but no data comes through. Other times it gets no signal at all. Took it to Jag service but they wanted to keep it for a few days but had no loaner so I rescheduled. On a hunch I reactivated my ATT data service as I still had the ATT SIM and was totally surprised that the icon showed 4G and I was able to receive data.

So it seems there is nothing wrong with the car and I have Google FI looking into it but I was wondering if anyone else is using Google Fi and if so are you having a similar problem.

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