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Hello from Bournemouth, UK

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Hi all,

After a highly indecisive search (which would have been much quicker if I never tried a v8) I got my first F-Type last week. A MY2014 V8S Convertible. Currently unmodified, though there are wheel spacers and a few bits of carbon fibre already moving through the postal system. Currently loving driving it, though the DSC is just hilarious. I think this one might be a keeper :)


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Hello from Verwood

First time on this site and saw your post. Just wanted to say that I'm about to get my first F Type, can't wait after driving Ford Focus's for the past ten years. Not a V8, just a snail like 380:)
Congratulations! You will be happy with your decision, it is a beautiful car. Now we wait for the mods...
Also from the Bournemouth area

Hi. Just joined the forum, very interesting. Ordered my new toy a fortnight ago and it hurts I have to wait till November. Going to be worth it though, going from a 55 plate Focus estate to this, just mental. Hope you are enjoying your motor, stupid question I know. Cheers.
Thanks. Just getting used to the site as I posted this, but didn't see it, so posted a similar one and now have two similar posts up. Feel stupid, but who cares. Cheers
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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