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2017 Premium Coupe, V6 supercharged
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Just picked up the new ride last night. 20k miles.

Really excited to have her. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Hi and hope you are still in love (with the car), it's identical to mine.. a 2017 Premium. If you have any of the factory warranty time left, take it to a GOOD dealer and have them check it out. Supposedly, all maintenance services, like oil changes are covered under the warranty. My dealer (so far, so good) replaced a weak battery under warranty and service adviser advised me to be sure to have the services done so they could be entered on the car's VIN. So went back and had the few things that were appropriate to the 16,000 m service done. Previous owner had done an oil change at one of the oil change shops, and Service Adv. warned me about doing that, as the oil has to be sucked out. Told me about another owner where oil change shop mistakenly drained trans fluid... There is no dipstick, you have to use instrument cluster menus to check oil level. F is a 'bit' different from my E, but each impressive. Hope you got an o

owner's manual, as they are fairly well written. There is also a great series of 40 instructional videos on

This is the MY2016 series of videos, there's also 2018. Helps figure out some of the features.

If you have 'summer only' tires, don't drive them much below 40 degrees, and they are USELESS on snow/ice. Waiting for my summer onlys to wear out and then will put all seasons on. Installed a CTek 5.0 battery tender, be sure to set for fullsize/car battery and AGM battery.
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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