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2018, F-Type, 340HP, Automatic
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I’m Dave from Southwest Ohio. Yesterday my 2018 Jaguar F-Type Coupe was delivered. It is Santorini black with black interior, panoramic sunroof, black 19” rims. 340HP, auto, RWD. 18,300 miles. Sexy and sinister! Been looking for one for my wife and I for several months.
I’m getting a bit older now, 63 yes this Sept. Owned a street/strip Camaro since ‘82. Also have a channeled ‘30 Ford fender-less roadster with SBC, 4-sp. and a lowered ‘51 Ford Tudor Sedan. Wife convinced me to look at selling the two Fords. I don’t drive them much. The roadster is hot, load, fast and dangerous if not driven with care. This Jag. allows me to enjoy,with my wife, my car hobby and addiction. She says the Jaguar is her car. That’s great. Brings us closer together. Looking forward to many years of driving and maintaining it. Contacting Jaguar to activate my ownership and continue the warranty.
All help and guidance in maintaining this beautiful F-Type is appreciated!
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