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I believe Jaguar has confirmed a manual for F-Type:

It quotes Adrian Hallmark of Jaguar - Gloabal Brand Director.

Please note the 9-speed box is the new ZF Auto that will appear in many new Jags- at this stage there are no plans for it in the F-Type and the manual will NOT have 9-speeds!!!

Imagine that - would be like rowing!!!


Sydney Australia

roadster4ever said:
Wimbledon said:
Jaguar posted the following on its page a few days ago:

Question of the Day: Do you prefer the control of manual transmission or the efficient performance of automatic transmission?
Is this the first official hint that we might have a manual choice from Jaguar in the future? F-Type manual anyone?
THAT would be great :D.

A true sportscar should have the opportunity to choose a manual gear-box ;).

I really hope that Jaguar will also offer it, Aston Martin does ;).
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