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How Much Should I sell these for?

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When I bought my Jaguar F-Type - it had on them the stock 19" Factory OEM rim for a 2015 Jaguar F-Type. These are the rear wheels & the front wheels on the vehicle. Jaguar calls this wheel Propeller. The Wheels and Tires were on my car for ONE MONTH before buying the 20" Black Tornado Wheels so they have been sitting in my garage for some time now and need to (wife is making me) get rid of them and have no idea what to really sell them for?

I am including the tires with them and the Red Center cap,

I hit a deer two months ago and have to pay the huge deductible as well. after 2 months at the Jag collision center in Phoenix i am finally getting the car back (22k in damage beware of the animals on the roads for sure) so need to help with the deductible thus the reason for selling them and the wife.

19” OEM Rear&Front Wheel Rim Propeller & Tires 2015


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"and the wife" ---- Are you selling the wife with the tires?
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