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How to Create "Favorites" on the radio

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I just purchased a 2022 F-Type whose first owner put only 750 miles on it, and am wading through the User Manual's displays, options, warnings, etc. I think they have gotten carried away with all the things you can change using the computer that manages the Touchscreen and other controls. I managed to find my favorite FM station and wanted to make it a "Favorite" to be able to easily select it.. The manual says, using the Menu button on the left of the steering wheel to simply to Select the Source (Radio in this case) and touch the Favorites icon to add or delete the selected station. But instead, what happens is that 2 AM stations show and I don't see any way to delete them or add the one I want to be able to easily find. Is this a case of "operator error and can anyone tell me if it's me or the car that's not doing what it should?
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Not sure about the new models, but on the older ones you just long press a memory button after tuning, until you hear a beep and station is memorized at that location, this works for many car makes not only Jaguar.
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