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How would you prefer to get training materials?

  • Printed - like a manual

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  • Video - on a DVD

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Sorry if mentioned elsewhere but this site but jag have put up some good videos on how to use features of the vehicle:

provides a range of videos showing feature operation,

"Performance" covers: Intelligent Stop Start, SportShift

"Driver Centric" covers configurable dynamic mode

"Connected Experience" covers; Vehicle Entry, Touch Screen, Navigation,Telephone, Climate Control, Driver Convenience, Audio Systems, Blind Spot, Reverse Park.

Each hotspot takes you to a choice of Overview Video (pretty useless), How To Guide (useful) and a link to download the F-Type Quick Start Guide in PDF format

I found the videos were downloading too slow to watch, stopping every few seconds, (maybe my problem, or Jags video server?) but if you start to watch the video you can right click and save it to your pc and watch it later.

If the videos are useful maybe give Mike some feedback as I know it's of interest to Jag see
QR Feedback Thread from Mike @ Jag .

Also - have an electronic copy / PDF of the F-type UK owners manual and also the comprehensive UK F-type Model brochure.

They cost a few dollars and I don't think it's the latest version but I would have found them really useful when trying to decide specs.

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