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InControl Touch Pro Voice Guidance - 2018 400 Sport

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Good morning, any help on this topic would be appreciated.

Old guy that has just about lost his mind with this electronics stuff and is bouncing his head off the wall here...

I have been attempting to turn on the Voice Guidance on my 400 Sport. Going into the Language & Keyboards section of "All Settings" there are no selection options shown for male or female voice. And I can't seem to find such an option anywhere, or within any menu screen.

My InControl Touch Pro software version appears to have no Voice Guidance settings whatsoever that I can find or us to initiate. I do have a Mute / Turn on Sound option, within the Navigation app itself. But it appears to do nothing. Press the, Turn on sound option, with volume up does nothing.

Basically, no matter what I try, or where I look, I cannot seem to find a way to setup and use Voice Navigation. I have gone through every menu I can find a dozen times.

Youtube videos haven't helped as the software shown for earlier and later Jags and Land Rovers appears to have different selections and options than my own. I cannot find anything in the manual or online IGuide. Or any info anywhere o the net.

Any help/recommendations on the matter, again, would be sincerely appreciated.

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Ramart, thanks for the reply. The voice guidance I am refering to is the male or female voice that states distances and exits and such within the OEM InControl Touch Pro Navigation system, as well as the audible beep heard when approaching safety / speed cameras. There is a Mute Guidance option in the settings menu to toggle the feature on and off, but in some 2018 vehicles a software gliche seems to occur, making this feature fail to operate. I am looking for help to rectify without having to travel 80 miles to the dealer and leave the big cat for a multi-day stay.
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