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I recently ordered a TDI Chip Tuning Kit naively thinking it would be an easy install, as I am fairly handy and have done basic maintenance work on other cars in the past. TDI indicated that no speciality tools would be required. The process looks fairly simple, essentially disconnecting the two boost sensors and connecting them to the preprogrammed ECU that comes with the kit. The problem is the first boost connection port is almost impossible to access and I cannot seem to get it disconnected. (See pictures). One pictures shows the instructions provided with the kit, the second shows the actual connection point which is nearly inaccessible without removing hoses and other items in the way. There is just enough space to put my hand through but no way to grab the connector to pull out. Would some sort of plying tool be helpful in pulling this connector safely? Any guidance or help would be much appreciated. Thank you all!


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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