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Hi all, brand new to this site. I’ve had my F-Type R for a couple of months now and loving it. I bought it CPO with low miles and in overall excellent condition other than a couple of minor interior blemishes that were easily corrected. A couple of weeks ago I noticed that in perfect sunlight I can see some very light scratches on the instrument cluster (the rectangular probably LCD screen that has the trip/gas info, etc) right above the steering wheel. It is literally only visible if sun hits it a certain way; otherwise, it looks perfect. I have no idea what the prior owner was doing taking such a rough material to that piece. Luckily, I think the scratches are very light and can probably be buffed.

I’ve looked around and there are countless products and methods to fix the scratches, but I haven’t been able to find anyone with a F-Type trying any of them. I’m a little worried I would make it worse, so I figured I’d see if I could get lucky and find someone on here who may have had a similar issue.

Thanks in advance!
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