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Instrument Panel Setup Question

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I currently have almost 2,000 miles on my car and I noticed that the trip computer is very optimistic as to MPG. The trip computer shows about 24.5 or so while the actual mileage is around 21.8 to 22.1.

I was just messing around with the Instrument Panel Menu when I noticed there is an option for English and English (US) under the Instrument Display > Language setting. I can't find anywhere in the owners manual what each option actual does. My current setting is English (US) but I am thinking of trying English only, and see if the MPG is closer to actual.

Does any one really know what these setting change, if anything?
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The American Gallon (English US) is about 4 liters of fuel. The British Imperial Gallon (English) is about 5 liters of fuel. Enjoy you settings. Pascha
That's interesting. I haven't tried measuring it manually to see if there's a discrepancy. English (US) is certainly the right setting.

You could try getting on a freeway/expressway, setting the cruise control to 60, and make sure it's exactly 60 seconds between mile markers. This would confirm the speedometer/odometer aren't screwed up (set for the wrong wheel size?) Don't even know if that's possible.
Seriously really care about fuel economy? The VW GOLF TDI gets 73.5 or Toyota Prius gets 53 city. Couldn't resist.
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