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Insurance for an 18 year old

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Heyo, I'm Ivan and I'm thinking about getting a 2014 f type convertible. I am however wondering what the insurance cost would be before purchasing it. I am 18 and looking atthe resale value of the car, it seems to be a smarter option than an SUV etc. That and I simply love the car. I will be getting it with the v6, as its more in my price range. Anyone have any idea what insurance would be for someone my age. I have tired to get the free quotes through websites however no avail. any ideas?
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Simple: phone an insurance agent
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Thanks I didn't know you could do that, thanks so much
Quotes are provided with no obligation. Shop around and compare to save $
If you're worried about insurance costs.....
If you're worried about insurance costs.....
I'm not really worried more curious, it's my first car and I make more than enough too afford the insurance, I'm just more curious what might look like and stuff.
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