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Hi . I am Bryan and I own a 65 plate Jaguar F Type 3.0 litre supercharged base model. I have had a trouble free one years use of the vehicle and loving every drive...

However Just a week ago having started the car and moved it to gain access to a garage on moving it some hours later it refused to start, appears dead with no engine cranking achieved. All instrumentation live, lights good, radio working but no engine crank.

RAC called and battery on the LH side of the boot space checked and found to be good. Engine still refused to crank and start with a jump lead connected in the engine bay from RAC vehicle battery source. RAC gave up and indicated a starter motor fault.. From online research I now find the there are 2 batteries in the boot and now wonder if the second one not checked by the RAC or known to exist by me or them, is at fault? I am told that connecting a charger to the points in the engine bay will charge both batteries. Now confused which battery does which!

The vehicle is due to be recovered to an Independent Jaguar garage in a few days time for fault diagnostics where I hope that a fault will be identified. The main Land Rover/Jaguar Dealer in Southampton will recover the vehicle but cannot attend to it for 2 months yes TWO months!!!!!! Disgraceful....I would like to be a bit wise to my vehicles components and the knowledge of 2 batteries is news to me and the RAC it would appear. The RAC did not know how to disengage the Emergency Brake/Park, something that I now have found out from Owners manual under vehicle recovery section and confirmed from Online video sources. At least the vehicle can be moved now without being dragged on skids under the rear wheels.....which was suggested to me the only way to move and recover the vehicle = how wrong they all were.....

Anyone's advice would be greatly appreciated... to make this F type owner happy again..

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