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Jaguar F-Type R and the occasional trackday

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Hello All!

I know this has been discussed at length but I'm finding it hard to pick through the details. I picked up a 2015 F-Type R with 36k miles on it‘s original brakes and on the P-Zeros. It’s mostly a grocery getter with an occasional trackday. I’m not your slowest person out there because I have a lot of experience on track but not a ton in cars. Anywho, I was hoping for recommendations on rotors, pads, brake fluid, oil and tires and for you to tell me how bad of an idea it is to track these rather heavy vehicles. Also, as a DIYer, if there are any gotchas I should know about before I tackle these things myself (e.g. is the ABS going to need to be put into bleed mode when I change the fluid?).


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New to the forum. Did I mess up this post somehow? Does no one track their F-Type or don't have any recommendations?
New to the forum. Did I mess up this post somehow? Does no one track their F-Type or don't have any recommendations?
Howdy! As a DIYer myself, I downloaded the maintenance manual for about $13 and created an account with Jaguar OEM Parts Online. They have part diagrams that really help you diagnose possible issues and during the checkout process be sure and enter the VIN when prompted as they make sure the parts you selected will fit your particular vehicle. With RWD, AWD, V6, V8R, V8S…. You’d be surprised at the part variances between models. They are a great resource.

From my research, JagBits is also a great resource in the event you overheat the engine. These aluminum engines are VERY sensitive to an overheat and a LOT of damage occurs when one is overheated. Read up on what JagBits does to reinforce these engines. They charge about $15k for their engines. A rebuilt engine from Jaguar is about $13.2k.

the previous owner of my 2015 F-Type R overheated the engine and the dealer tried a cheap repair to get the car sold. I smelled a rat and made them warranty the car… they gave me a 4,000 mile warranty. At 2,000 miles the car was back at the shop with misfires on #5 and #6 as well as oil consumption (thanks to the cracked aluminum sleeves in the cylinders of the aluminum block capped with aluminum heads. 76 days later I got my car back with a remanufactured engine with a 12 month warranty.

I did some track research and you tube has a lot out there. I found one video of a 2015 ish getting tracked at Silverstone. The brakes overheated setting off an alarm in the car that wouldn’t go off. Turns out the sensor melted and the alarm wouldn’t silence because of that.

Apparently, the supercharger went out 4 months after the video, killing the engine.

My takeaway is that these cars, while awesome grand touring muscle cars, are fragile with hard track use.

I don’t have a lot to offer re what tires, brakes, oil but if I were you I’d be using what the operator manual recommends as that’s the most resilient choice based on all of the feedback Jaguar has received over the years.
Have fun with it bud! I love the car… but I don’t plan to track it. I’ll save the track days for the Ducati.

Take care!
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