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Jaguar F-Type R and the occasional trackday

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Hello All!

I know this has been discussed at length but I'm finding it hard to pick through the details. I picked up a 2015 F-Type R with 36k miles on it‘s original brakes and on the P-Zeros. It’s mostly a grocery getter with an occasional trackday. I’m not your slowest person out there because I have a lot of experience on track but not a ton in cars. Anywho, I was hoping for recommendations on rotors, pads, brake fluid, oil and tires and for you to tell me how bad of an idea it is to track these rather heavy vehicles. Also, as a DIYer, if there are any gotchas I should know about before I tackle these things myself (e.g. is the ABS going to need to be put into bleed mode when I change the fluid?).


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New to the forum. Did I mess up this post somehow? Does no one track their F-Type or don't have any recommendations?
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