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Jaguar has announced the brand new F-Type sportscar will make its official debut in Britain at the 2012 edition of the Lord Mayor’s Show on next Saturday on November 10th.

The car will be driven by Jessica Ennis, who is a member of Jaguar Academy of Sport Ambassador Jessica Ennis and also the heptathlon gold medalist at the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Lord Mayor's Show is an annual London event held since 1535. The Lord Mayor is basically another mayor position for the center of London. A new one is elected every year, and he parades in colorful robe in a golden carriage.

The F-Tpye is Jaguar’s brand new compact sportscar, built from aluminum as a spiritual successor to the iconic E-Type. It will arrive in dealerships an showrooms across the UK powered by either one of two supercharged V6s or a 495 hp supercharged V8.
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