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What are your thoughts? I cannot believe I am saying this, but the leaping jaguar on the front hood does not work on the F-Type design...the wheels are lovely though.

The Jaguar is a sportscar that’s evocative of the good ol’ days of British motoring. While its styling is pointing the way towards Jaguar’s future, the heart of the car sings a classical note, harmonious and melodic.

After that Range Rover we showed you recently, German tuners Arden got to work customizing the other big new arrival from JLR.

Arden is working on a visual package that will change the look of the convertible, but for now they’ve revealed these two teaser photos showing a sexy F-Type in classic British racing green.

The body kit for the Jag will include a body kit that will include a new front spoiler, some custom Arden Sportline 20-inch alloy wheels and even a pouncing cat for the nose of the car.

The tuner is also working on power programs for both the V6 and V8 engines, which will surely include sporty exhausts and ECU remaps.
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