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Just Bought a 2015 F-Type R

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Hello all I just bought an R and boy is it amazing. Best car I've ever driven. It has a lot of options but I'm not sure if it has them all but it seems like it. Any way I can look up the vin to see what it came with?
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Congrats on the new F-Type! I'm in the market for a manual S Coupe and have been looking at different forums to find out all the info I can about them while I watch cargurus like a hawk.

On another forum, I found this VIN decoder tool: VIN Decoder - Jaguar Forums - Jaguar Enthusiasts Forum

While that's not going to decode what options were added to the car, you can take a look at the sales brochure for your year (|Jaguar Car PDF Sales Brochure/Catalog/Flyer/Info E-Pace F-Pace I-Pace E-Type F-Type S-Type X-Type XE XF XJ XJS XK) and check out the options and which your car might have.
new owner too 2016 two days seems like a great car and love the paddle shifters . i,m and old porsche guy 20 some years of shifting was enough , not qiute as fast as the p car , butttttt fun to drive the f type r sounds great
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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