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Just bought my first Jaguar F- type

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My last car was a 2012 BMW 335is twin turbo 320 hp
The one I got is a 2018 F-Type 340HP 29K miles

Mark's new F-Type

hopefuly you can follow link,

I am retiring my BMW forum membership in hopes of making new friends here
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Congrats! Looks like a great fun car. Enjoy! I have a 2014 V8 S rag top with 32K on the clock. I retired a 911 for this one! Have a great time!
Congratulations on your new to you 2018 F Type Coupe. I have a 2014 V8 Convertible I got in July of 2021 after having a Porsche in the family for the last 45 years (8 of them). Your F Type will put a smile on your face every time you press the start button and drive off. Don't look back. Cats rule!
Thanks Dean, I am so excited, it should be here by Sunday. Can't wait
Congratulations on your new Jaguar F-Type! That's so exciting! The F-Type is a stunning car with its sleek design and powerful performance. I'm sure you're going to enjoy driving it! When it comes to taking care of your new ride, have you considered enclosed car transportation? It's a great option if you need to transport your Jaguar F-Type, especially for long distances, as it provides extra protection against the elements during transit. Wishing you many thrilling drives in your new Jaguar F-Type!
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