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Licence Plate Install

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Use care when installing your licence plate on the rear of the car. The rear profile has a convex curve profile and an unprotected plate may damage your nice paint. Consider well placed felt or cushion pads onto the car first to isolate the potential for plate rubbing.
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I saw that the plate would rub back in August. I installed the felt pads on the plate instead of the car. Same results, different method. Glad you noticed that rub to save your paint......Pascha
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Good catch - sharp eye. I originally thought about putting felt onto the plate or frame as you also have. Much easier effort too. But with body motion / roll, the felt will be fixed solid to the plate but will want to move against the paint - with light dust and the slightest movement under the felt - light scuffing may occur on the paint. With pads adhered to the paint they will not move. The rear has dust there 1 mile after washing it. Likely it's not an issue for most anyways.
Great tip

@KelownaV8-S - That's wonderful tip. You'd be surprised how many people ignore this part. Especially when the get a brand spankin new ride. Cheers!
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