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Loading CD's

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I loaded the initial CD's with no problem however I am unsure as to how to load additional CD's except one at a time. In other words I would like to Replace all of thr CD's that I initially loaded. I can Only seem to be able to load one CD. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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CD Player


The CD player will only hold 1 physical CD at a time. However, you can store the music from up to 10 different CDs in the audio system's memory. Use the Upload function to copy the content of your audio CD(s) into the system. Once a CD had been uploaded, the physical CD can removed. If all 10 available CD images slots are used, it is possible to Replace one of the images with another one.

A couple of caveats here. The upload can take 10 of 15 minutes to complete. The audio system must be on for this to work. Unless the ignition is on, the audio system will time out and turn off before the Upload process completes. I find it is best to start this process when you are about to drive somewhere and just let it process in the background.

Second thing is that this Upload only works with CD Audio discs. It will not work with MP3 files on disc.

You can find all this information in the Owner Handbook, Portable Media section.

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