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looking to buy 2016 jaguar f-type need your advice!!

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Thanks for everyone comments, I've gone through everyone comments
Thank you all for your contribution to this post, I have been wary of buying this vehicle, and on further research, I decided to run the VIN CHECK confirmed my fears.
I found that
Primary DamageSide
please have a look at the report (It's only $15 if you guys don't want to spend $40 for a Carfax)
Here is the link to the report: Get Instant Vehicle History Report

Hello jaguar f-type Family...I can be trying to be part of this first rate discussion board and network in making my first purchase. and I located an low priced one right here in my area. I've been searching at a pair automobiles and studying approximately them however earlier than I made a huge choice I desired to test with the network if there may be some thing that I need to check out earlier than committing.

They asking price is $25,000 and it has 46000 miles with a Salvage Title.
If you guys have any suggestions on what to check.
Looking forward to joining this family, thanks
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Getting ready to do the same. But they are asking $31,000 for 58,000 miles. Price is too high for sure. How are you making out?
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