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Lost F-Type Key

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My wife lost the only key we had to our 2015 F-Type. I called several locksmiths but none were able to reprogram a new key fob so I had the call towed to the dealer. The dealer then got the door open using a slim jim but now they are telling me the key module thinks the car is locked so in order to get a new key fob they need to change the key module as well... all for ONLY $3,200.00!!!

Does anyone else have any experience with this or could anyone verify this is accurate?
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Can't help with the key or cost but just to help your wife feel a little better .....
When living temporarily in Versailles I drove my BMW 530 down to the South of France for a vacation.
Partway back on the return trip, we stopped at a rest stop. My (ex) wife tossed the keys onto the dashboard, from where they promptyly disappeared into the guts of the heating system.
Totally unable to retrieve the only set of keys with us, I was forced to hitch back to Versailles, retreive the spares and pay for a taxi back about 100 miles to the immobilized BMW.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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