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Lots of Cars In NA Now!

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My dealer, in Canada, got 5 cars last week.
Delivered a V8 already, and will be delivering others this week.
My V8 is complete and on the ship.
Should be here within 2 weeks !!

Drove the V6 S. Very nice. Nicely balanced, sounds good, goes pretty good (I think). I say that because apaprently Jaguar has instructed dealers that for the first 2000 km, the cars should not be taken over 4500 rpm !
Tough to do, and not a very satisfying test drive in that mode.

By the way, they had a British Racing Green metallic one with tan interior that was absolutely stunning. (If I had seen that at the car show, that is the color I would have ordered).

Will be driving a V8 this Thursday.
Can't wait.
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