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Low clearance of front bumper

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Hi all -

I have a new 2016 F-Type convertible and I live in downtown LA. As I'm sure everyone knows, traffic is mean in urban LA and there are many driveways with dips in them for drainage.

I've been having a hell of a time with scraping the front bumper. I know about the 45 degree angle turn advice, but have only been successful with it 25% of the time or so. Every other time I am getting the most god awful scrape sound and the parking sensors go beep and it is really, really stressful!

1. Does anyone have specific advice on how to maneuver the car exactly for the 45 thing to work? it's always coming OUT of driveways that are in busy urban parking lots--not driveways I can either anticipate or modify.
2. Is there anything I can do either raise the car or modify the front bumper to avoid this? I do see there is a little rubber scrape surface down there which is starting to get shredded. I am worried that the wrong driveway will damage the bumper itself.
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